2018… Coming ready or not!


Here I am. End of 2017 and another year of excuses, procrastination, distractions, children’s attention, work, writer’s nerves that make you freeze and constant ‘tomorrow for sure’ ideals.  Losing my father/best friend in June in a sudden to a terrible river accident, I have to admit, I lost the passion to write and look forward to much at all. Just one look through the emails at the positive response I received from last year’s Scriptfest was uplifting and made me realise that I really do need to keep going – not that I have a choice. As other writers know, when you have a story to tell… you HAVE to tell it.  Scriptfest was only a few days after my father’s funeral but I numbly went across still and has a really good time.  Unfortunately, when I returned home, instead of getting my screenplay to those requesting it, I put my pen down and wanted nothing more than to climb back into bed and sob. But a new year is on the horizon.  A fresh year and a fresh start. 2018 is only days away and I have decided to be accountable by this blog and track my process – letting others who are feeling the same way join me as I write along. I write screenplays. I write novels.  With ideas that come to me at any time of day or night, I find myself stopping half way through a current story to just jot down the ideas of a new one so I don’t forget.  This leads to a new outline which then leads to yet another beginning of another story. So I have decided now to make a plan.  I have got a 2018 day-to-a-page diary and I am going to divide up my days, weeks and months to reflect the chapters and words I need to write on a daily basis to make my dreams come true.

Screenwriting Goals

I WON’T allow myself to go to Los Angeles Scriptfest without at least THREE finished screenplays (I have one finished and two half done).  This way my stories will get into screenplay form. Benefits of Screenwriting:  Number one, film is what I love.  Creating reality and seeing a movie being made with actors, music, locations… the orchestration of it all amazes me.  I see my stories and screenplays and write what I see.

Novel Writing Goals

I intend on attending the Fiona McIntosh Masterclass in April (starting on my birthday, the 26th!) and learning how to get my stories into book form. She truly is a master of writing as a  so many other women I have come to know.

Benefits of Novel Writing:  Novels are easier. They just are. There is little chance of stepping on the toes of a director, a costume designer, a casting agent, location scout, actor…. When you write a novel, you can be the actual creator of what the characters wear, say and their tone. You are the one in charge of the weather, the moods even their inner thoughts that you can’t always know when the story on the screen plays out.  You are in charge of the storys’ everything.  No strict word count. No strict rules.

I learned a saying recently that I must share… “If you are going to try, go ALL the way.  Otherwise, don’t even start.”

So this year… I’m going to go ALL the way.



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