Can I really become a writer like the ones I admire?

I go into the bookstores, yes, the one with physical books on the shelves and dream about the day one of my book will be on display.  Of course, the idea of my name on a cover get’s me excited, but to be honest, I really simply want my characters and their stories to be put out into the world.  Knowing I am the one that has created this reality for them as well as, even though it may be temporarily, the reader themselves.

So much potential. A blank notebook, a pen and a little time to think.

So here I go.  I have over 16 outlines of stories that I want to tell. Some are screenplays that are half written. Two screenplays are finished but just need a little massaging into place by people who, I’m sure for even just at the moment, have more talent than me.  Novels that are romantic. A book series for children. Even some novels that are intriguing and set in the time where Victorian deaths were romantic and most often attached to tales of tragedy within the walls of a mansion.

It’s only been the last year or two that I have looked at all the ideas on my own bookshelf at home and wondered what would happen if I took my writing to a more professional place.  A place in my reality that could see them finally up on the big screen or held within the covers of a glossy novel.

With four children, a busy family business and a laundry pile that never seems to get under control no matter how much I stare at it and shake my head, I have no energy or time to write in the blocks of hours that I feel is needed to become, well, famous.  Famous. Is that even a word now?  It should be ‘a social media sensation’. I’m sure that’s the goal these days.

Anyway, despite missing my father who I lost in an accident only 5 months ago, I WILL go on and now aged 46 years old, my children are getting older so I am going to record my journey.  Kylie Jacobs – Screenwriter and Author.  Plan?  Write the screenplay AND the novel.  Attend my pitch events in Hollywood each year and keep close to my new friends at the Romance Writers of Australia group.

Tomorrow I am going to keep going with my latest story.  I have my chapter by chapter outline and am on my way.  So stay tuned…




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