Screenwriting to Novel Writing. Can a mindset switch?

After completing a full screenplay only a month ago, I have decided to turn it into a novel.  I mean, the skeleton is all there right? So I only need to fill in all the blanks of the story with emotion, details and the unseen.

Turns out, it’s not so easy.

My brain is struggling to change gears.  So here’s the plan. I’m going to cut and paste from the screenplay what I believe would be a great chapter and then reserve engineer the dialogue.  In a way I wish I had done this exercise earlier as I am seeing a couple of flaws already.  Ah well… such is learning.

Only 5 days until my first subject starts.  Until then, I’ll keep writing from my screenplay in the attempt to eventually finish my first novel.

Went and saw ‘Finding your Feet’ at the movies last night with my mum.  Interestingly enough, last year I was advised not to pitch an outline I had written with an older cast.  I was told that the older demographic wasn’t something that would sell.  NOW I realise that there just may be a market for it after all.  How many times do we listen to ‘experts’ in our lives only to find out that our own intuition was right all along?  Hmmm….. sometimes it pays to ‘trust your gut’.  That same story is now an in-progress novel of over 60,000 words and growing.  So stay tuned for that one.

Looking forward to tonight.  Writers Group in the city.  Wonderful to be around kindred spirits. Reminds me of a story I once read.  It was about a piece of coal that rolled away from the fire.  As it rolled away, it turned cold and slowly lay dark and lifeless.  As a mistress walking past kicked it back into the fire, it started to warm up and glow, come alive and shine.  This is what can happen when you are a writer and spend too much time alone with your craft.  Stay close to the fire. Stay close to each other and take advantage of the age we live in.  Social Media opens up a world of friends and inspiration we can warm to every day.

Word count:  2370

Distractions:  Work at family business. Children.  Planning my trip in August with my sister.

Reading: Jane Ayre.





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