Can a busy mother of four be a successful writer and Uni student?

It’s February 2018 and another email hits my inbox reminding me that the cut off for Open Universities Australia is tomorrow night.  That was last weekend and by Sunday night I had pressed the button.  I became a Uni student.  I have decided to record my diary in the hopes that other mothers over 45 with children to the moon can see how (and if) it can be done.

With four children and with way too much on my plate as well as the reputation of ‘never finishing anything’, I enrolled.  Only in one subject but it was a start.  ‘Academic and Professional Communications’  starts at the end of February. If all goes well, I will enrol in two next term.  Two more subjects that will get a step closer to achieving my goal.  The Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Creative Writing and Screen Culture.

I have been writing for years. Nothing published but certainly notebooks and shelves full of characters and storylines. Recently I finished a screenplay, which even then, I’m wanting to change and tweak every time I look at it.  So now with two goals, a degree and the determination to do 2000 plus words a day towards my novels or screenplays – let’s see if the dream can come true.

As well as a big family, working with my husband in my family business and having never finished Year 10, I find myself turning 47 in April and wanting to find a sense of personal achievement – other than my gorgeous kids and perhaps the ability to master perfect scrambled eggs. To complete a degree as well as become a successful writer bringing to life my many stories.  The pages I have written over the years so far are made up of half written screenplays and novels. Some with up to the 60,000 words written!  See what I mean about discipline and stickability??

Why am I wanting to do a degree?  And WHY would I want to do a Bachelor of Arts?

  1.  Discipline.  Certainly not my strong point.
  2.  Skill.  Yes, it’s as simple as wanting to perfect my craft.
  3.  Inspiration.  Despite being online, I get so much inspiration from others in the industry.  Groups on social media and writers groups I meet with monthly keep me close the flame and motivated to keep going.
  4.  Old fashioned ‘I’ll show you’.  For those who snigger at me and are sure I won’t continue after the first assignment.

So here I go.  I wait now for instructions from the OUA (Online Universities of Australia).  Excited but nervous.

Distractions for the day:  My new online diary.  My busy workplace. A movie night out with my mother.

Word count:  3106

Reading:  Jane Eyre.



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