Inspiration from those who have gone before us.

As someone who has loved writing and creating all their life yet feels like a newbie because they’ve never been published, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE meeting with my girls at the Writers Group each month.  Mostly all of them are professional, published authors who have a wealth of knowledge between them.  Not only wisdom about writing and getting published, but all the latest behind the scenes bits and pieces.  Meeting together in a place like a writers group is so inspiring. Being handed a book to read that has been thought up, written and published by the very friend sitting next to you gives you a real sense of ‘it can be done’.  Last night I left, as always, walking on air and ready to type and outline.  Sure, I was a little overwhelmed by the pile of books that was cutting off the circulation at my wrist, but either way – nothing is more exciting than a new book with new characters and places to visit.

After my one day seminar last Sunday on the novella, I still can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that novella’s should be more popular than they are.  Short stories seem to give me a little instant satisfaction as completing a full story is no easy feat at the moment with so much on my plate.

I have decided to put Jane Eyre aside on the mountain of books next to my bed, and pick up Kate Forsyth and Kim Wilkins Book called ‘The Silver Well’.  Having met Kate a few times, she is as romantic in real life and it’s no surprise her gorgeous character drips onto her pages – she’s lovely and another author I admire.  This book has about 8 short stories that should give me a real sense of how it can be done.

Distractions:  Late night shopping, busy at work and of course, children including a swimming carnival pick up and a part time job.

Reading: The Silver Well – Kate Forsyth and Kim Wilkins



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