Inspiration from those who have gone before us.

As someone who has loved writing and creating all their life yet feels like a newbie because they’ve never been published, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE meeting with my girls at the Writers Group each month.  Mostly all of them are professional, published authors who have a wealth of knowledge between them.  Not only wisdom about writing and getting published, but all the latest behind the scenes bits and pieces.  Meeting together in a place like a writers group is so inspiring. Being handed a book to read that has been thought up, written and published by…

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Screenwriting to Novel Writing. Can a mindset switch?

After completing a full screenplay only a month ago, I have decided to turn it into a novel.  I mean, the skeleton is all there right? So I only need to fill in all the blanks of the story with emotion, details and the unseen. Turns out, it’s not so easy. My brain is struggling to change gears.  So here’s the plan. I’m going to cut and paste from the screenplay what I believe would be a great chapter and then reserve engineer the dialogue.  In a way I wish I had done this exercise earlier as I am seeing…

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